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If you had to chose three things that have truly in a life changing way defined your life what would you say they are? 

My three things are:

1. Becoming a mother to my 4 incredible children

2. The day I married my high school sweetheart 25 years after our last date.

3. The day I was diagnosed with dyslexia

Although all three were significant in shaping who I am today the MOST significant was the day I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was the day I found my worth! Everything I love about myself is because of my dyslexia! My desire to help positively change the lives of people with dyslexia is driven by having to wait 35 years for someone to change mine. NO child should be left behind and NO adult should be either!

Click on a logo below to learn more about my programs and the work I am involved in   and Let's Talk!

  • Co-Founder

The Mobile Artist:

A program that provides:

Free Art Projects &

Free virtual art classes

to underserved children and families!

  • Co-Host

Dyslexia Jewels:

International podcast showcasing the inspirational

journeys of children and adults with dyslexia!

  • President

Creative Kids Rock:

Celebrating the creative artistic strengths of children with dyslexia because Creative Kids Rock!

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  • Board Member

  • Vice President

  • Executive Council

  • Committee Chair for Creative & Art Outreach

  • Fundraising Committee


The Art Garage:

Is a creative outlet for the community, a space for budding and established local artists, while also continuing to offer access to the arts for all!